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The Lord woke me up this morning at about 6:30 and allowed me to reflect on the week behind me. Today is the first day of a new week, the Lord made this day and He told me to rejoice in it!  I struggle every day as I try to stay true to the Lord and adhere to His calling and yet function in this world. I don’t know about you, but for me, this is no simple task.

The burden I feel in my heart for our nation is like no heartache I have ever known before. This nation which God has given us is like no other, ever in history, because it was founded by men seeking freedom from religious persecution and a desire to worship God with their lives. The simplicity of this pursuit was and is worthy of our reflection and our appreciation. The mission was never easy and the hills and valleys traversed have made our history, tumultuous and rich!

The wars that were fought and the blood that was shed in the process of seeking to follow the Lord are full of stories of triumph and despair, but it is our history and it is our God who has allowed us to prevail. I am grieved when I hear people who have reaped the benefits of this blood bought freedom denounce our nation. Yet, I understand the root of their sentiments and hope to be able to work hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters in Christ to shatter the myths about our alleged evil deeds and identify the true source of this deception.

The truth which God wants us to embrace and share across America today is one of His Sovereignty. God Reigns in America, as well as over all the earth, and all across the universe. He created all that is created and brought it into existence by faith and His spoken word!  He is still in control, always has been, always will be, but we the people have forgotten our first love and as a result, the forces of evil have gained a stronghold which must be broken. That is the job at hand and the objective of The Sisters of The Second American Revolution.

We will intercede on behalf of America and we will pray in the spirit. We are prayer warriors reclaiming America for the Glory of God! This is the battle to save the heart and soul of America and we cannot do this in the flesh. The extent of the infiltration by the enemy is prolific and the damage done is systemic. Like a cancerous tumor, grown out of control and entered into the lymphatic system, we must now turn to our Father in heaven and intercede on behalf of our nation for a miraculous healing. Now is the time, and if our people do not heed the word of the Lord, then His judgment will come quickly; as a thief in the night and they will be without an alibi. The remnant is being called out and the task at hand is obvious to His believers.

This is war. It is the battle of old. Nothing new under the sun, but it has a new face and the enemy has chosen new names to hide behind and we must uncover the ploys of Satan and put on the Armor of God so we will be prepared when fighting the powers that be! The book of Ephesians gives us the blueprint for a successful campaign to engage the enemy. We must first know who we are in Christ, what we have been called to do, and be prepared and disciplined if we are to see victory when we go into battle. Equally important is the discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit which gives us the ability to determine what is earthly, and what is spiritual so we are not deceived ourselves.

For example, I was challenged recently as to whether or not we can be born again or saved, or if this is an imagined state of being or a poor choice of words on the part of many so called born again believers or even a sign of hypocrisy. I bring this up now   because the Lord has confirmed to me in His word that it is an absolute prerequisite for any soldier who wants to serve in God’s army! Regeneration is a requirement for the troops. Boot camp is what we go through in the world after we accept Jesus and give Him Lordship over our lives. This cannot be accomplished without repentance and I challenge any one to show me where in the word that this is not what Jesus said to us time and time again. The Gospel is the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ’s experience here on this earth. It is the Truth of the Gospel that empowers each individual with the ability to believe in the unbelievable, see what God sees, walk by faith, and overcome adversity unto salvation.

The fact that God in His divine wisdom, saw fit to come down off of His throne and walk among us in humility is not humanly possible to understand. It defies logic, common sense, and human nature. How can we then expect to fight spiritual enemies in the flesh? That is impossible and anyone who believes otherwise has been deceived and will fail on the day of battle. The initial war began in heaven, the enemy was defeated and banished from the Kingdom. However, he was sent to the earth and this is where God has placed us as well. The fall of man is well documented and there is no need to argue the facts! Now we, with the power of God have to choose to resist the lies of the enemy and allow Jesus to reign in our hearts and give us the necessary tools to stand and fight him while we are here on this earth. It is that simple. That is what God accomplished on the cross. Nothing we do will matter, we have no claim to righteousness, and our works are dead without the blood of our Savior. That is how God keeps us humble.

So, is there anything that compares to the cross of Jesus in the human experience? Has anyone of us come down off the throne of the most high, holy and pure, and taken the sin of the world upon us? The obvious answer is no, and every time we are challenged to forgive someone who has wronged us we have an opportunity to imagine what it was like for Jesus when he chose to go to the cross for men who despised and cursed Him while He interceded on our behalf. Thank God for the Love of Jesus, because a mere man would have failed, as we do each day and we would have been lost forever in an eternal state of depravity, unquenchable thirst, and the pain of knowing what we lost and the realization that we could never have “it” again. The “it” is communion with God and the opposite, separation from God leaves man absolutely hopeless and at the mercy of the demons and Satan himself. No man would want to go there if he knew what really awaits him and only Jesus can provide the way out! Thank you Jesus.

Let us remember that it is by His stripes that we are healed and in our brokenness, that He reigns! If anyone wants to be in the Lord’s army, he must come in submission to the Lord, and with a regenerated life filled with the love and mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! He is the way, the truth, and the life!  As we sign up for this tour of duty, we must remember who we represent. Our God; Semper Fidelis, always faithful! We have His promise of eternal life and that is what we must share with others-that is a worthy message to bring to our nation as we confront the true enemy of old. Remember too, we already have our victory in Jesus; we must now retake the territory surrendered by default. God help us to take America back as we turn back to you. Let us become invisible to the world and let the world see you in us. As you are lifted up, as we use the little white cross to show the world we love you again, we must first lay down our life. Guide us, give us your wisdom, knowledge, and provision for the battle ahead! Now  let us reclaim the principles and values upon which our nation was founded. The forecast for the day of battle is God Reigns and the Son Shines! Call God and ask Him where the closest recruiting office is…He will show you, as He showed me. Hallelujah-He lives!

Go to this web page and join Elaine and many other women as we stand hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder reclaiming America. We will share this vision one little White Cross at a Time! White Cross Outreach Campaign  outreach of the Living Cornerstone Church

Your Sister in Christ,
Rhonda Lee Welsch

The Sisters Of The Second American Revolution:
“Women interceding on behalf of America’s people based on God’s word”

Therefore the sisters sent to Him, saying, “Lord, behold, he whom You love is sick.”~ John 11:3
Romans 13:11 And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber…




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