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Are You Awake Yet?

Romans 13:11-14

And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy, but rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.

The  past few weeks current events have moved me once again to sound the alarm! The escalation of rampant civil unrest all over, in America, and in particularly in the Middle East is a very real threat to Israel and the entire free world. What many hoped would be used for good has unfortunately been used for evil. There is a hidden force operating in the world today which touts “democracy” and uses it as a mask to hide its’ true intentions! The well orchestrated crises’ are being used to spur protests across our nation now, in the name of democracy as well, and many seem to think that this is how a free society operates.  America, however, is an established Constitutional Republic and that is significantly different from a democracy. Assuming democracy and its’ promotion of  political correctness, multiculturalism, and religious tolerance were good things  has led to the destruction of America’s Socio-economic stability as well as the moral fiber of our society- in short it has caused a severe Cultural crises. This is a very organized  Agenda, a calculated plan to drive the entire world into a “People’s Republic” or a democratic “Global government”  in which we all become World Citizens  and assuming this is “not true” or that it could never happen, will be the greatest mistake America and all free men around the world ever make!

First of all, we must look at the word democracy in light of the literal vs. implied meaning. It is imperative that we try to understand what the danger of this misinformation is, and how it relates to “Liberty” in contrast to the threat of mob rule on society which ultimately results in anarchy!

There are conflicting opinions about what defines democracy, so I will, for the sake of clarification, tell you what I have found to be prevalent today.  The Islamic definition, for one, is very interesting. Especially since the Muslim world appears to be, according to the liberal media, embracing democracy and many people across America believe this as a good thing. First of all, the leaders of Islam consider democracy a religion and as such, any believer in democracy would in fact be defined as Infidels once a Muslim nation established its’ control or governance and instituted Sha’ria  Law. In the Muslim book, Democracy : A Religion! , Written by:Abu Muhammad ‘Aasim al-Maqdisi Translated into English by:Abu Muhammad al-Maleki we clearly have a unique definition which should be a major warning to any freedom loving individual. It states clearly: We must destroy those who follow democracy, and we must take their followers as enemies – hate them and wage a great Jihad against them.” As we are considered by Islam to be a democracy-how then are the so-called cries for freedom across the Middle East, in predominantly Muslim countries, not going to be forced to reject democratic rule? If they believe democracy is a religion, and they state this belief very specifically, we ultimately are going to be the enemy of those we claim to help set free as we supposedly stand for democracy.  History also seems to support this model. In reality “democracy” today does seek to impose the will of the Elitist controlled government on the people. That is what happens in all Socialist Democratic countries and the origin of this ideology can be found in the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto. The powers that be, seeking to redefine our Republic, however, are the same powers at work destabilizing all the other governments across the world in addition to ours! They do this through the tools like the state run media, social networking, and propaganda. In Democracy:A Religion, they state that democracy is a religion, but not Allah’s religion. I too agree that democracy is being used like religion to transform the world, but this is not to say I agree with the tenet’s  of Islam either.

America’s founders also defined democracy and compared it to our Republican form of government. In fact, democracy was considered a deficient form of government and that is what led to the Declaration of Independence and the establishment of the US Constitution. They believed that the Rule of Law was the defining ideology and principle that would preserve the inalienable rights of each individual based on natural law-or God’s law. So, the right of each man is there by protected.  Even if the popular majority should choose otherwise, the Law of the Land would protect as well as derive its power from the individual and his choice to live according to the conscience given him by the almighty. Essentially, it acknowledges Free will not Governments’ will and the fact that man ultimately answers to God, and not man in the end! This was an experimental form of government which had never been tried before. Unlike the many previously failed democracies, this new Constitutional Republic would protect individual freedom and God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of personal property & happiness.

In modern republics the executive is legitimized both by a constitution , the inviolable Law of the Land and by popular suffrage or the  right of all men to vote. In the United States, James Madison compared the republic to democracy,[and found democracy wanting. Montesquieu included both democracies, where all the people have a share in rule, and aristocracies or oligarchies, where only some of the people rule, as republican forms of government. In modern political science, republicanism refers to a specific ideology that is based on civic virtue and is considered distinct from ideologies such as liberalism which have been adopted and promoted by the progressives now dictating public opinion through education, environmental and economic principles, and social justice. This has been a concerted effort which has employed many strategies and tactics. The intended objective is power and control over all-TYRANNY!

Most often a republic is a sovereign country, but there are also sub-national entities that are referred to as republics, or which have governments that are described as “republican” in nature. For instance, Article IV of the Constitution of the United States “guarantees to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government.” The Soviet Union was a single state composed of distinct and nominally sovereign Soviet Socialist Republics.

The progressive ideology that the law should be used to dictate universal morality through social justice is a perversion of the foundational principles of our republican form of government and must be corrected if we are to survive this attack on our nation. The enemy is already within every institution  in America and the despotic bureaucrats have conspired to abuse the law  against the principles of individual freedom. The abuse of power and the excessive intrusiveness of the law into areas of our lives preserved for God alone are leading to the gross establishment of a Fascist regime. The excessive expansion of government will be necessary to enforce this new  Global way of life. It will be carried out by a populace that has been indoctrinated and programmed to reject the American ideals of self-governance, personal responsibility, individual freedom, economic freedom, religious freedom, freedom of speech, private  property rights, etc.

Our most successful, experimental form of government is being fundamentally transformed by those who do not respect the law or the people our laws were established by and for! There were earlier republics which, lawlessly, operated much the same way and they all failed. They were controlled by councils of elite patricians and the elections  they conducted were manipulated and established to ensure intended results much like the Czars of the current regime, no direct elections were held and council members were appointed by the existing council , or in our case, a tyrannical president heading the executive branch of our government and the democratic rulers or legislative branch of government in  America, our Congress,  who are using being controlled by community organizers, trained by ACORN, non-governmental organizations,  unions like the SEIU, NEA, and bureaucratic agencies like the EPA which  force unrealistic mandates of the progressive, globalists and the UN’s Agenda on the American people. They accomplish this through burdensome regulations, excessive  and illegal global taxation, and abusive legal force. We have seen this clearly demonstrated by  Eric Holder and the Department of Justice against the State of Arizona who is  trying to protect their borders, as well as every State  in the Union and their people’s right to choose how they pay for their health care.We are being treated with contempt and  then being forced to pay for it too. This is an outrage!

I don’t know about you, but I do not believe this is what our founders intended to establish when they began the First American Revolution. What do you say? Does the current regime which has taken over our Federal government represent your idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  I hope not and I pray every day that more Americans wake up and realize that their American Dream will be a nightmare to the current regime and the powers that be, when We the People, once again, embrace the simplicity of what it means to be free and throw off the chains of tyranny being imposed on us by the lies and deceptions of our despotic Federal Government and the hidden perpetrators as well. They can be removed from power and  I hope that we restore the law and try these criminals for their crimes of  fraud, sedition and treason for which many are guilty of.

Back in the day of corrupt democracies and despotic oligarchies, there were riots and revolts by the disenfranchised people who were slaves to the unfairness of  Monarchies and governments run by lawless men who abused their ill-gotten positions  and acted out of greed and unrestrained lust for power. If we do not turn back to God, we will not survive. This is the reality we must acknowledge. Unlike Al Gore and his lies about global warming, the United Nations and their lies about Sustainable Development and world peace, the Universal church and the many ways to get to heaven, we must accept the inconvenient truth; We are the problem and we have the solution, we must resist tyranny.

Our founders discovered the cure and gave it to us in the timeless document: Unites States Constitution.  It is time for Truth Serum:  Our Constitution  is the Law of the Land and that coupled with our faith in God Almighty alone, has the power to deliver us and set us Free! What we are witnessing today across America can be used for good because we have a good God who operates out of love for all men. If we petition our Lord, call upon His name and trust Him once again; then God will heal our land, help us restore the law and reestablish our Republican form of government. We must choose this day Liberty or Tyranny! God help us all to make the right choice and trust in your faithfulness again!.


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